“Zimbabwe’s Football Fate Hangs in Balance: Ousted Kamambo Appeals for Second FIFA Ban”

Former ZIFA President Felton Kamambo
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FELTON Kamambo, the ousted president of Zimbabwe’s Football Association (ZIFA), has written to FIFA seeking a fresh ban on Zimbabwe from international football.

By Bhora Afrika

Kamambo claims that the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) did not fulfill its pledge to withdraw his court case, which he sees as a violation of the agreement between FIFA, SRC, and ZIFA.

In a letter dated October 22, 2023, Kamambo complained that the SRC and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) refused to withdraw charges against four ZIFA members. He also questioned the clarity of a letter written by SRC chairman Gerald Mlotshwa on July 8, 2023, regarding its intentions.

As a result of the SRC’s and NPA’s actions, Kamambo claims that he was formally informed by the court that the matter would not be withdrawn. This, he argues, is a clear breach of the agreement between FIFA and the SRC, which led to the appointment of a Normalisation Committee to run the affairs of ZIFA.

Kamambo’s appeal to FIFA comes at a time when Zimbabwe is already facing a FIFA ban due to government interference in football affairs. The ban was initially suspended in July 2023, but it is now at risk of being reinstated if FIFA finds that the SRC has violated the terms of the agreement.

If FIFA imposes a fresh ban on Zimbabwe, it will mean that the country’s national team and clubs will be barred from participating in all international competitions. This would be a major blow to Zimbabwean football, which is already struggling to revive itself.

FIFA’s Response

The organisation has not yet issued a statement on the matter. However, it is worth noting that FIFA has a history of taking a tough stance on government interference in football affairs. In recent years, FIFA has banned several countries, including Chad, Kenya, and Pakistan, from international soccer for this reason.


Kamambo’s appeal is a worrying sign for Zimbabwean football. If FIFA does decide to ban the country, it will be a major setback for the sport and for the country as a whole.

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