JM Busha 54 FC accuses FC Wangu Mazodze for bribing referees; apologises for abandoned match

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By Bhora Afrika

Eastern Region Division One League side JM Busha 54 FC has accused fellow league opponents FC Wangu Mazodze of bribing match officials.

The Murehwa based outfit alleges that FC Wangu Mazodze paid referees to influence results in a league match that later got abandoned due to a mayhem on Sunday afternoon in Chikondoma ground.

In a video circulating on social media, referees are seen being harassed and attacked by home team supporters.

Just like their club (JM Busha), the irked fans probably questioned some of the match official’s decisions.

“We lost valuable points this season due to officials being corrupt and we are bound to lose poitns in this fixture in question JM Busha vs Wangu Mazodze just because the officials were paid by the opposition. Pathetic and sad for our football development,” JM Busha 54 wrote in their statement.

Owned by politician Joseph Busha, who is one of the 11 candidates vying for the presidential post on 23 August, the club went on to apologise for the abandoned match.

They cited that they are “a home of peace and (do not) condone all sorts of violence and corruption”.

“JM Busha 54 is a community of peace and unity in our society and homes. We (do not) condone all sorts of violence and corruption.Bribes shouldn’t be part of what we do and what we face at work or anywhere,” added the club.

Furthermore, the club condemned poor officiating and urged local teams not to grease the palms of referees warning that “one day the bribe might put (match) officials in a situation where they will have to fight for their dear lives.”

“Yes we say no to violence before, during and after matches, but with the same energy we also need to say NO TO POOR OFFICIATING AND SHUT DOWN CORRUPTION IN FOOTBALL.

“We are very sorry to the officials for the wrong treatment and to all teams out there, please don’t pay referees because one day your $2 will put the officials in a situation where they will have to fight for their dear lives.

“Corruption in football will and is definitely driving sponsors and investors away. Take a leaf from cricket and let’s rebuild our football again. Thank you,” ends the statement.

Following the abandonment of the match, the result of the fixture is likely to come via a board room decision.

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