Fraud accused Dynamos chair Marriot arrested; said to have awarded self controlling stake in club

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DYNAMOS Chairperson Bernard Marriot was Friday arrested on charges of fraudulently awarding himself a 51% controlling stake in the club.

By Bhora Afrika

Marriot, who was granted free bail by Harare agistrate Shane Kubonera, will be back in court on 26 July, 2023.

The complainant is Dynamos Private Limited, an entity in which Marriot is a co-director.

Represented by Dynamos (Pvt) Ltd Head of Directors Robinson Rundaba, Marriot is accused by his colleagues of having clandestinely taken advantage of an attempt to award shares to individuals that were members in the formative years of the club, between 1963 and 1968.

The matter, which has persisted since a 2008 board resolution emanated from a Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) recommendation to sort out Dynamos’ never ending ownership mess.

Marriot, Rundaba and Casper Muzenda set up a committe to register the club’s shares, but they never met.

His alleged fraud was only revealed in 2019, almost 11 years later, when Marriot wrote a letter to current sponsors Sakunda seeking financial injection for the club where in he identified himself as having a vontrolling stake.

Rundaba was then tipped by an insider at Sakunda. He followed it up with a police report.

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